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Product Details

The 60g has been temporarily sold out. We are sorry about that! You can choose 30g instead,which are on sale now! name: modeling wax(nose and scar wax)
advantages: soft and hard moderate, enough stickness, good plasticity
color choices: lighter skin/darker skin
Package: 1pc wax
Functions: Make warts, moles & scars.
Build and reshape features.
Enlarge noses.
Create wounds and injuries.
Cover eyebrows for cosplay or stage performence. How to use: (Note: only using the wax can’t do good effect) Suggested: alcohol glue, skin wax extenders, skin wax sealant, plasma or plasma paste, oil paint, Stainless steel palette or Wax stick. (Due to customs restrictions, there is no logistics for some liquid products to be delivered. Inconveniences, please understand) 1. Apply the alcohol glue to the skin that needs to be done for 1 minutes or so. 2. Use the wax stick to pick up the skin wax and make the shape you want. (must use wax stick , directly hand, because there is body temperature, so it will stick to the hands, so that it can’t operate). 3. skin wax edges and surfaces can be treated with special wax extended oil (the surface will be more detailed, so that no traces can be seen). 4. After spreading the oil dry, apply the wax sealant for about 2 minutes. 5. You can apply a plasma ointment or a suitable amount of plasma to your wounds. If both are better,you can paint on the wound with oil paint, will make your special effects more effective.. You can apply color to the wound, which will make your special effects more effective. Last: 1. Apply the powder foundation paste with similar skin tone on the fake parts and around them. 2, lay a thin layer of ultra-fine powder transparent makeup powder to make it look more natural makeup. How to remove: Firstly, use the modeling wax stick to peel off the wax, then wash it with professional makeup remover or soap.
Please note:
About Size:You can choose 30g or 60g according to your needs.
About Color: The precise color of the items may vary depending on the specific monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions. The item colors depicted should only be used as an approximate guide.

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Body Paint
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Makeup Wax

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