10pcs Pills White Smog Effect Photography Halloween Advertising Film

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Product Details

Form :Solid State
Color:As the picture
Theme:Halloween Props, Performance props
Product size:Diameter 2 cm, Height 0.5 cm
Packaging:10 pieces
Product Name:Air Purification Demo Film
This film has been removed from all insecticides so it is non-toxic and can be used with confidence.
Usage and dosage: The bomb is padded with a heat insulation board, ignited, and placed in the air purifier demonstration hood. Instantly, a large amount of will be generated, and half or one piece will be used for each demonstration.
Note: Keep it cool, fireproof and moisture proof. Fragile and not to fall.
Tips: The size of this piece is as big as the coin. The time of burning the piece is very short. There is a small burning smell in the burning process. This baby is mainly used in combination with the air purifier demonstration cover. Strong, small and easy to carry.
Packing List:
1*Air Purification Demo Film(10pcs/box)

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